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A well-designed and fully functioning pressure tank is essential for maintaining consistent water pressure and ensuring an efficient well system. Over time, pressure tanks can deteriorate, lose their effectiveness, or develop issues that impact water pressure and overall system performance. When it's time to replace your pressure tank, you need a reliable team of professionals to handle the job. At Cardinal Home Services, we specialize in pressure tank replacement, offering expert knowledge and dependable solutions to restore optimal water pressure and enhance your well system's efficiency. Let us take care of your pressure tank replacement needs and guarantee a steady water supply for your home.

Signs You May Need Pressure Tank Replacement

It's important to recognize the signs of a failing pressure tank so you can address issues promptly. Here are a few indicators that it may be time for a replacement:

  • Fluctuating Water Pressure: Inconsistent water pressure, where it alternates between high and low during regular water usage, could be a sign of a failing pressure tank. A malfunctioning tank may not maintain a steady pressure, affecting your well system's performance.
  • Frequent Pump Cycling: Rapid cycling occurs when a pressure tank causes your well pump to turn on and off more often than usual. This can lead to premature wear and tear on the pump and reduced energy efficiency. Replacing the pressure tank can resolve this issue and help extend the lifespan of your well pump.
  • Water Hammering: Loud banging or knocking noises when turning faucets on or off could indicate water hammering caused by a malfunctioning pressure tank. This happens when the tank fails to absorb the shock of water pressure changes, potentially causing damage to pipes and fixtures.
  • Age of the Tank: Pressure tanks typically last 10 to 15 years. If your tank is nearing or has exceeded its expected lifespan, it's wise to consider a replacement to prevent sudden failures and interruptions in water supply.
  • Water Quality Issues: A failing pressure tank may allow air or contaminants to enter the water supply, resulting in issues such as cloudy water, sediment buildup, or changes in taste and odor. Replacing the pressure tank can help improve water quality and ensure a clean water supply.

Our Pressure Tank Replacement Process

At Cardinal Home Services, we follow a systematic approach to guarantee a successful pressure tank replacement:

  • Assessment and Evaluation: Our experienced technicians will assess your existing pressure tank and evaluate its condition. We'll identify any issues or malfunctions and determine if a replacement is necessary.
  • Proper Sizing and Selection: Based on your water usage, well system specifications, and budget, we'll recommend the most appropriate pressure tank replacement options for your specific needs. We'll ensure the new tank is properly sized to provide optimal water pressure and performance.
  • Professional Installation: Our skilled team will manage the installation process, carefully removing the old pressure tank and installing the new one. We adhere to industry best practices and safety standards to ensure a seamless and efficient installation.
  • Pressure Adjustment and Testing: After installing the new pressure tank, we will adjust the pressure settings and conduct thorough testing to confirm everything is functioning correctly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won't consider the job complete until you're happy with the results.

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