Our Team

  • Jessey   Photo Jessey   Photo
    Jessey Customer Relations Manager

    After graduating from Queens University, Jessey decided to use her skill set and love of animals to pursue a career in the veterinary industry. Having worked in clinics of all sizes both in an administrative role as well as directly with the furry clients, she eventually moved into a role as a clinic manager. Lucky for us Jessey was willing to use her incredible skill set in a new industry. Yes, she’s still able to bring her dog to work with her.

  • Kevin   Photo Kevin   Photo
    Kevin Plumbing Service Expert

    Originally from Peterborough, Kevin is an all-star member of our team. Specializing in rural residential system, Kevin is an authority when it comes to servicing home plumbing systems in Peterborough. Kevin is also the proud father of 3 young boys who keep him extra busy.

  • Dave   Photo Dave   Photo
    Dave Master Electrician

    As a resident of Toronto’s High Park area Dave has grown up with both the city and forest at his doorstep. His life-long passion for design and technical pursuits lead him into the Electrical industry where he graduated top of his class and went on to become one of the youngest foremen to ever work at one of Canada's largest multi trade companies. His diverse experience from residential, commercial and industrial work has aimed him to wanting to use his amazing skills to provide exceptional service to homeowners outside of the urban landscape.

  • Matt   Photo Matt   Photo
    Matt Master Plumber

    Originally born in Lindsay Ontario, Matt’s dream was always to become a plumber. He served as the youngest ever peer tutor for construction technology at L.C.V.I and went on to be selected for a small team of students to build Ontario’s first Energy Star Home. After Graduating from Sir Sandford Fleming College from the Human Resources Management Program he knew he wanted to return to the trades and found his home once again in plumbing. He has since worked around the province and recently for the top residential and commercial service provider in Toronto as their lead Plumber and Training Facilitator.

  • Ashley   Photo Ashley   Photo
    Ashley Customer Relations Representative

    Having originally completed her postsecondary education in travel and tourism, Ashley was an all star fit for making sure our clients at Cardinal Plumbing & Electric always get a WOW experience. Always smiling and bubbly, Ashley also performs the important roles of planning office meetings, training events and (awesome) parties. We know how much we love having Ashley as part of the team and our customer feedback tells us we’re not the only ones.

  • Andrew   Photo Andrew   Photo
    Andrew Electrical Service Expert

    Specializing in solar installation, Andrew brings a unique set of skills to the Cardinal team. As a lifelong learner he is also the ultimate jack of all trades of the company. Helping on both the electrical and plumbing side of the business, he is the most diversely talented individual working with us!

  • Jayden   Photo Jayden   Photo
    Jayden Plumbing Service Expert

    Jayden's diverse experience in plumbing provided him with an incredibly well rounded understanding of the trade. Having worked doing drain services, commercial plumbing and even some industrial maintenance, he has really seen it all. When he's not plumbing you can find Jayden barbecuing or enjoying a weekend on his ATV.

  • Brock   Photo Brock   Photo
    Brock Plumbing Service Expert

    Brock has been plumbing in Peterborough and the surrounding area for over 10 years. He is an expert on rural plumbing systems and an absolute asset to our team. As a father of 3 Brock knows how to listen, how to lead and is the go to guy for all our new hires.