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While we’re privileged to live where clean, running water is normal and reliable, the water that enters our home may not be as clean as we would like it to be. It isn’t uncommon for our water to contain things like mineral content, traces of added chemicals like fluoride, elements like chlorine, and so much more. All of this can create issues like hard water or contribute strange tastes that are frustrating to get rid of. At Cardinal Plumbing & Electric, we can help you get rid of this problem for good with a whole-home water treatment system!

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Water Softeners

Hard water is an incredibly common problem throughout North America. Hard water, or water that contains elevated levels of calcium, magnesium, and other types of mineral content, is safe to drink and use for your day-to-day purposes but does carry some distinct properties. This includes a cloudier appearance, earthier taste, and even visible flakes of mineral material floating in the water itself. A whole-home water softener is an ideal solution for dealing with this issue throughout your home.

Water softeners use a chemical reaction to replace the mineral content in your water with sodium ions, creating water that tastes cleaner and fresher. Likewise, softened water also doesn’t leave behind chalky residue that you often see on plumbing fixtures like your showerhead or faucet. Your hair and skin will feel healthier and you’ll even notice that your food tastes better when you protect your water with a whole-home water softener system!

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems physically remove impurities from your water using several different filtration media. Unlike softener systems that simply neutralize impurities and remove mineral content, water filtration systems remove a much broader spectrum of inclusions from your water. That means cleaner and purer water in virtually every point of your home. You’ll notice a significant improvement in water taste, dramatically improved hair and skin health, and so many other great benefits from one of these systems.

With a whole-home water filtration system, we strongly advise having your water professionally tested. Some water filtration systems can be adjusted in order to accommodate for the unique characteristics of water in a particular property, and testing for your water quality beforehand will allow your Peterborough water treatment pro to precisely engineer your treatment system to you.

UV Water Screeners

An ultraviolet water screener is a device designed to neutralize microscopic biological contaminants in your water, including bacteria, viruses, fungus spores, and so many more. These systems blast the water in your home with an irradiating ultraviolet light that destroys these microbes or neutralizes them so they can’t harm you or continue to reproduce. They can even take care of waterborne illnesses such as viruses and bacteria that cause ailments like legionnaire’s disease. However, because the radiation is simply ultraviolet light, it has no harmful effects whatsoever on your water itself.

These energy-efficient and low-maintenance systems offer an abundance of benefits without a large investment. If you have concerns about bacteria or other biological health hazards from your water, a UV water screener system can go a long way toward protecting your health and well-being.

Salt-Free Water Treatment

Salt-free water conditioning is a simple and eco-friendly solution to reducing limescale issues in your home. Because water softeners may require you to drain a saline solution out into the sewage system, they can have a longer-lasting impact on the planet. Salt-free systems avoid this pollution and adhere to environmental regulations while also getting rid of your frustrating hard water problem or the need for constant salt refreshes or regenerating cycles.

Test Your Water Today for Free!

Cardinal Plumbing & Electric offers free basic water testing for customers throughout most of our local areas. Offering fast and accurate results, our water tests can help you truly learn what’s in your water so you can start taking action and enjoying better-quality water throughout your home as soon as possible.

Interested in one of these great water treatment options? Contact us and schedule your free water test!

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