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Drain Snaking Services

Noticing a bad smell coming from your drains is just one sign of sewer line problems. If you suspect a blockage or rupture in the line, call Cardinal Plumbing right away at (705) 230-3037.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Chances are, if you are experiencing sewer line problems, you will notice the signs almost right away. The indicators of these problems are often difficult to ignore. Some of the most common signs that there is something wrong with the line include:

  • Roots, dirt and tree branches backing up into your drains.
  • A bad smell coming from your drains or toilet.
  • Slow or standing water in your drains.
  • Toilets backing up or not flushing properly.
  • Weak ground around the area where the line is located.

What Causes these Problems?

Many factors cause sewer lines to fail. The most common causes include:

  • Tree roots reaching towards water sources, even if it means infiltrating tiny cracks in your sewer line to burst through and get to the water inside the pipes.
  • A sudden shift in the ground or change in temperature caused by an extreme weather event can cause the pipes to shift, disconnect or burst.
  • Over time, your pipes will corrode and wear out. This process is sped up by the use of chemical drain cleaners. Your pipes will become weak and more likely to wear out and rupture.
  • Other causes for sewer line issues are clogs, flushing too much toilet paper, non-water soluble items or foreign objects that create blockages in the system.

If you notice any of these issues, call Cardinal Plumbing at (705) 230-3037 right away for professional assessment and repair.

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